Case studies


As countries work through the Digital Economy Kit, they will inevitably need to propose actions and solutions to the problems they face. It can help to look at how other countries and organisations have approached similar problems.

The case studies below demonstrate different approaches to achieving digital readiness in the four pillars of the Digital Economy Kit. They are not meant to be prescriptive, and are certainly not exhaustive, but rather the case studies showcase the diversity of initiatives and approaches to build innovative, resilient societies. It will be up to individual countries to craft their own interventions, using these case studies, and many other examples as inspiration.


Countries need suitable infrastructure in place to seize digital opportunities. This case study showcases an approach to achieving universal electrification across a country as diverse as India.

India: increasing electricity coverage with off-grid solar power [coming soon]

Other resources
Myanmar: delivering affordable internet [link]
India: lessons from Aadhaar biometric ID [link]
Georgia: building a community network in the mountains [link]


Digital transformation cannot succeed without the right human capital, social protection, and flexible labour markets.The case studies demonstrate a series approaches to delivering digital skills and addressing skill mismatches across countries, drawing from examples in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

India: the National Skill Development Corporation [download PDF]
Sub-Saharan Africa: coding for employment [coming soon]
South Africa: building digital skills for unemployed youth – WeThinkCode [download PDF]


Individual households need to be able to afford digital technology, firms and governments need to be able to finance investments. These case studies showcase approaches to financing large digital infrastructure process as well as creating ecosystems for financing startups and scaling up SMEs across Indonesia.

Indonesia: Financing and skills training for MSMEs [coming soon]
Indonesia: Fibre-optic cables across an archipelago – Palapa Ring Project [download PDF]

Policy and regulation

New digital technologies are straining the frameworks of traditional regulatory approaches; countries will need to identify where and how to update their policy environments. The case studies describe innovative approaches to regulating disruptive businesses and addressing challenges to taxation and data privacy and governance across countries as diverse as Brazil, Tanzania and Kenya.

Brazil:‌ ‌multi-stakeholder‌ politics of national privacy laws [download PDF]
Tanzania: creating a diverse mobile money market [download PDF]
Kenya: a regulatory sandbox for the financial sector [download PDF]
India: drafting data protection laws [download PDF]