Pathways at the Education World Forum

“Some but not all bottlenecks in education systems are best resolved with tech solutions” - Professor Stefan Dercon

The Pathways Commission's academic director, Professor Stefan Dercon, spoke at the Education World Forum on 22 January in London. The Education World Forum, supported by the UK government, is attended by a wealth of education and skills ministers from around the world and allows participants to examine common issues and challenges in education.

Professor Dercon spoke at an education technology roundtable that examined ed-tech's potential to transform skills and learning, as well as its ability to ensure successful learning outcomes on a large scale. The meeting, which was convened by the UK government's Department for International Development (DFID), provided an opportunity for participants to look at the current evidence base, and understand how governments and ministers could best interact with ed-tech research programmes.

Reflecting on the day, Professor Dercon said: “Education ministers need help to procure not just shiny technology, but solutions that really improve learning of poor children.”