Four Pillars 

The Digital Economy Kit has four pillars that cut across it. These four pillars need to be carefully considered as countries think through the 3 steps to get digital ready.




These pillars must be factored in to ensure digital technologies contribute to inclusive growth.

Infrastructure is the nuts and bolts that power and support digital networks and the flow of data throughout the economy. A strong integrated infrastructure is crucial for a digital economy to thrive

People are fundamental to the digital economy. They are ‘human capital’ for an economy. We must especially be mindful of those who are traditionally kept out of the digital sphere and proactively bring them into the digital economy.

Financing – resources need to be prioritised and sourced to ensure successful funding and support for the transition into a digitally integrated and inclusive economy.

Policy and regulation – Competition policy, taxation, intellectual property, data standards and interoperability, as well as cybersecurity and data protection all need to be thought through carefully.

To ensure individual countries, citizens and companies are protected it is vitally important to strengthen and solidify regulations that will protect against the misuse of data.