How AI could transform developing countries

Kamal Bhattacharya
Kamal Bhattacharya



"If emerging economies were to adopt an AI-first approach, perhaps they could address critical development challenges."

Pathways Commissioner Kamal Bhattacharya (CEO, Mojochat) has written an article in the Oxford Government Review on the potential transformative impact of AI on developing countries.

In his article, Bhattacharya reflects on the possibilities to improve the efficiency of basic services such as education and health in emerging economies by adopting an AI-first approach. He notes that AI is already making great strides in solving some of the challenges facing the financial sector in emerging economies, with the caution that systems such as mobile money platforms still require investment in infrastructure in order to be accessible to the world's poorest and most marginalised.

He writes: "It should be a priority of companies, countries and international bodies to increase their focus on developing AI systems that are suited to driving systemic transformation in emerging economies. Our current approach needs to change. If it does, the societal and commercial impact could potentially be beyond our imagination."

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