Shanta Devarajan: The future of inclusive growth

Shanta Devarajan
Shanta Devarajan


'Both reports paint an optimistic picture of the impact of technology on developing countries, in stark contrast to some of the gloom and doom being forecast in developed countries.'


Our commissioner and World Bank Acting Chief Economist, Shanta Devrajan, wrote for Brookings, on the Pathway Commissions two major reports and the 2019 World Development Report - 'The Changing Nature of Work.' He believes that '[t]aken together, they provide a robust platform for harnessing the power of technology for inclusive growth.'

Shanta summarises that both reports 'provide complementary perspectives on the role of technology in promoting inclusive growth. Pathways show that efficiency gains can benefit the poorer segments of society, such as farmers. The WDR says that the changes wrought by technology require governments to reform their social protection programs towards one that is more universal, and better adapted to the modern world. Given the mutually reinforcing nature of these messages, I am optimistic about the future of inclusive growth.'

Read Shanta's article in full here.