Stefan Dercon: Dr Pangloss and Mr Ludd

Stefan Dercon
Stefan Dercon


"Am I alone? Was I the only one who could not believe it when the World Development Report 2016 said that 85 per cent of jobs in Ethiopia could disappear due to automation?" - Stefan Dercon


Our academic director and Professor of Economic Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government, Stefan Dercon, wrote for Duncan Green's Oxfam blog about his confidence in future employment for the developing world, as well as the need to address digital inequality. He introduces the Pathways Commission's two reports, which address these concerns and have developed pathways to help developing countries work towards a digital-ready future and inclusive growth.



"Simple calculations show us that three billion will not have access to the internet in 2020."

Stefan disputes the idea that 'the market alone' will deliver inclusion. To reach the marginalised, he believes will require working with government to protect and plan for inclusive growth.

You can read Stefan's full article here.