Digital global governance for developing countries - Washington D.C

Today's increasingly data-driven digital economy poses great opportunities as well as challenges for developing countries. To ensure developing countries can harness technology to build inclusive, digital-ready societies, it is vital that countries work together regionally and internationally on strengthening a global governance system that works for them.

However, many of the conversations around governance of technology are based on the priorities of rich nations.

In April, the Pathways Commission hosted a meeting with the Center for Global Development in Washington D.C. to discuss the key priorities (such as data ownership and cybercrime) that could make a difference for developing countries. This meeting was part of a consultative process where policy makers working in technology are being interviewed and surveyed as a part of the Commission's ongoing research. 

This event was one of a series of Commission events held in Washington DC at the Spring Meetings. You can read about our event 'health and education in the digital age' here.