Mongolia launching digital strategy with Pathways’ Digital Economy Kit

Photograph by Tushig

On 17 September the Pathways Commission will attend a Mongolian Government led one-day conference, ‘Nomads in the Digital Age’.  For Mongolians being a digital nomad is more than a lifestyle choice. While the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar is a financial metropolis, 50% of Mongolians live outside the capital, with many people still living traditional nomadic existences across the vast rural areas of the country.

At the conference the Mongolian Government and the Commission's local implementing partner, Access Solutions, will present the results from its digital strategy development process; this includes sharing the findings from a recently conducted digital readiness assessment, and a draft national digital strategy. The event brings together government, business, and civil society to support the country’s next steps, as well as international stakeholders to discuss the global agenda to use technology for better education and a more inclusive society. Economic inclusion has been at the heart of a six-month design process to create a national digital strategy and bring the whole country into the digital age.

The work undertaken in Mongolia has provided feedback that has strengthened the Commission’s Digital Economy Kit, designed to support governments wanting to get their economies geared up for the digital ageThe Digital Economy Kit has been developed over more than a year using in-country pilots and expert consultation, and is based on ground breaking research and analysis from the Commission’s Charting Pathways for Inclusive Growth report.

Mongolia is one of three countries adapting the kit to their country context. The other two countries are South Africa and Ethiopia. The kit is due to be published later this year when country level learnings have been integrated. If you would like to comment on the kit or get your country digital ready please contact the Commission.