Pathways Commission Partners with U-Report

Pathway for Prosperity partnered with the U-Report social platform to give young people in developing nations the opportunity to influence change and impact the Commission’s reports.

The two reports, which will explore the themes of technological access and usage and how these can affect economic growth, will launch in early October prior to the World Bank/IMF annual meetings. We will be using the results in conjunction with analysis from UNICEF’s yearly flagship publication - State of the World’s Children.

U-Report is a free and anonymous social platform, developed by UNICEF, which gives young people’s voices power. Their opinions and their solutions to social issues which they confront in their daily lives can influence key decision makers, from private companies to governments. They can interact with U-Report via Facebook, Twitter, and for those who don’t have access to the internet – by text message. 

Working with U-Report and UNICEF we’re polling young people over 14 years old, living within the developing Global South about their career aspirations and how likely they feel their prospects are and why. The countries taking part in the poll include: Bangladesh, Burundi, Central African Republic, Chad, Ivory Coast, Indonesia, Liberia, Malawi, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Syria, Thailand and Zimbabwe. The data is still unfolding, with some countries, such as the Ivory Coast being very engaged with a 93% response rate and roughly 13,000 respondents.  

If you are living in one of the nations we are polling, we'd love you to join the conversation: send the word “WORK” to U-Report Global's Facebook Messenger -