Background paper

Tackling cybercrime to unleash developing countries’ digital potential

Dr Joanna Świątkowska

The European Cybersecurity Forum - CYBERSEC and AGH University of Science and Technology

Background Paper 33 January 2020

This paper provides an analysis of the cybercrime landscape in developing countries and focuses particularly on threats to their economic well-being. It highlights current trends in cybercrime activities and discusses various challenges faced by entities engaged in cybersecurity. The main goal of the paper is to strengthen the position of developing countries, providing multidimensional recommendations – especially for political leaders and policymakers – on how to build a secure digital future. To do this, the paper examines two approaches towards cybersecurity: ‘digital optimism’ and ‘digital realism’ and the lessons that can be learnt from these approaches. The paper suggests moving towards a new era of ‘digital pragmatism’ – an approach that can help to build a solid and secure foundation for the digital revolution.