Shaping digital strategies

Technology has the potential to unlock growth and prosperity in developing countries. Responding positively to technological change requires vision, purpose and strategy.

There will be winners and losers, and unless these trade-offs are carefully managed, it will be difficult to chart a course towards prosperity for everyone.

The Pathways Commission has been developing a digital strategy kit to provide a framework to support this process. The kit takes the issues and policy priorities outlined in our Charting Pathways report and presents a set of tools to help countries develop their own strategies. This involves a diagnostic component to assess  digital readiness, as well as a series of dialogues to bring different stakeholders to the table.

Now is the time for countries to act to ensure that major technological change brings inclusive benefits across society. The Commission's digital strategy kit offers an approach to tackle this challenge. The kit will be finished towards the end of 2019, but you can download a working draft using the buttons below.

The digital strategy kit:

Assist countries to conduct a self-assessment diagnosis of their digital readiness

Provide guidance to balance trade-offs through dialogue and build a broad national consensus about the way forward

Facilitate the development of a national strategy, with an action plan for the way forward

The digital strategy kit is being developed in collaboration with partners across government, private sector and civil society. We are also piloting diagnostic and dialogue processes in a small number of countries over the course of 2019 – we are learning a lot through these pilots! Towards the end of the year we aim to publish a final version of the kit as a resource: a starting point for countries to pick up and adapt into something that can help guide their own approach to technological change.

As we continue to develop the framework we hope a broader community of people will contribute to our thinking. Whether you are a government official, policy maker, tech entrepreneur, think tank analyst or a digitally-ready citizen – we want to hear your thoughts on the digital strategy kit! Throughout 2019 we will continue to iterate and update the kit. You will always be able to find the latest public version here on this page. We aim to publish a final version of the digital strategy kit later in the year.

Share your ideas

The digital strategy kit is being developed over the course of 2019. You can download the current prototype using the links above. We would be grateful to get any feedback or comments as we develop this kit. In particular, we would appreciate feedback on:

  • Overall impressions of the kit – what would you say are its key strengths and/or weaknesses?
  • Structural comments – are the foundational systems we have identified the right ones to consider? Do you believe any key areas are missing?
  • Level of specificity – is it specific enough to help practitioners facilitate a country level assessment and dialogue? In general, do you think it should be more or less prescriptive?
  • Case studies – are the proposed case studies helpful to illustrate different approaches to the questions raised? Would you recommend any different case studies to help dialogue participants consider options?


If you would like to provide feedback on the kit, download it using the links above and email us your comments and ideas at:

Join us in this moment in history to work with countries to take charge of their own digital pathways so that everyone benefits.